Sussex 2025
Strategic framework

For a better

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Introducing Sussex 2025

Disruptive by design

Designed to be different, the University of Sussex has a distinguished tradition of disruptive and experimental interventions.

We have challenged convention since the University’s foundation in 1961. From the campus’ modernist architecture on the edge of a rural national park, to our progressive academics and creative professional services staff, to the inspiring students who choose to learn and live here, to the very tone of the institution and the nature of its conversations, through to the expressions of radicalism, critical thinking and, at times, dissent.

This is Sussex. We dare to be different.


萨塞克斯2025 reimagines大学的初衷开拓进取的精神,但这样做对新的时代和新的一代。

What we stand for – our values



  • Kindness


  • Integrity

    We will ensure that everyone within our community is treated with dignity and respect.

  • Inclusion

    We will value and celebrate the diversity of our campus community and partners, and what they bring to our activities.

  • Collaboration


  • Courage


    Through the transformative power of education, research and engagement, we will work for a better world.

Our framework for continuity and change


Our framework will guide the institution to 2025 and beyond.

这是一个7年的转型 - 我们代表什么,以及我们将如何继续巩固我们的成功,同时重塑自己,为今后的表现。


Our strategic framework is based on four areas:

Our strategic framework is based on four areas:

  1. Learn to transform
  2. Research with impact
  3. Engage for change
  4. Build on strengths


Learn to transform

Making students partners in the big decisions that shape our university's future

Our students will receive a transformative, high quality education and learning experience that will allow them to realise the futures that they want. They will be able to embrace opportunities and challenges, making meaningful contributions in their own way. Sussex students will develop the knowledge and skills to be critical thinkers, entrepreneurs, commentators, citizens and activists.

  • Distinctive

    We will pioneer, develop and integrate across our on-site and virtual programmes, cutting-edge and creative innovations in educational pedagogy, learning methods and digital technologies. Our curriculum will break boundaries, it will inspire students to be disruptive thinkers, and it will ignite our students’ critical and entrepreneurial imagination to meet future global challenges.

  • Student-centred

    We will embed meaningful student participation in everything that we do. Students will routinely participate as partners in the development of their learning, in the discovery of new knowledge, and in the big decisions that shape the University. Student input will help to shape the future of our physical estate and the spaces in which they learn, as well as the design of the curriculum and the appointment of academic staff. We will be recognised globally as an inclusive educational community, widening participation, where the diversity of our student and academic body is celebrated and the individual needs of our students are respected and supported through a personalised, holistic and inclusive approach.

  • Digitally advanced

    We will be known as a university that is world leading in the development, application and use of smart technologies – whether that is the virtual and augmented reality of today or the new digital technologies of tomorrow. We will use these technologies to enhance student learning, facilitate knowledge creation, aid educational administration and strengthen University governance. Our students will be equipped with enviable levels of digital literacy and competencies in a wide variety of leading-edge technologies, ensuring they are able to challenge and succeed in the workplace of the future and in a rapidly evolving digital society. We will use targeted investment and strategic partnerships to achieve these aims.

  • Enhanced curricula


  • World citizens

    我们的学生将会是自信,知识和技能,有明确的职业选择和真正的机会。他们将准备成为世界公民 - 连接,civically和积极参与政治,企业和创造性。

  • Wellbeing

    We will have a nationally recognised programme to promote positive student physical and mental health, and wellbeing. We will be known as a university that promotes good health and wellbeing throughout – and beyond – our students’ education. We will have a fully accessible campus, with no areas ‘out of bounds’ to people with impairments or disabilities; we will have appropriate expert mental health services alongside good physical healthcare; our early warning and support systems will be sensitive, reliable and highly professional.

  • Research practitioners


Research with impact

By challenging conventional thinking and discourse, we will understand and help solve the grand issues of our time


  • Excellence

    We will support and develop our researchers to recognise and deliver excellence, at all times. Our mantra will be ‘quality not quantity’ and we will expect researchers to be able to produce world-leading work. We will value research that has an impact outside academic circles as well as within the academy, and we will develop the skills and competencies of researchers to maximise the influence and impact of their work.

  • Experimental


  • Our people

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  • Our strengths

    我们将认定为个人从事世界领先的查询和我们在关键领域科研实力。188体育将增长这些研究领域,并投资于卓越的新兴领域。我们将继续培育,无论在哪里找到发展的卓越研究。我们的研究将超越国界,无论是学科,地理,政治,部门或文化。我们将与学术机构和社区超越学院合作,面向面临社会和经济的重大挑战 - 本地,地区,国家和全球。

  • Interdisciplinarity

    Building on our pioneering heritage of interdisciplinarity, we will reclaim our reputation as the university of choice for academics and doctoral students committed to interdisciplinary research and engagement, and for students who want to understand their world beyond disciplinary boundaries. Interdisciplinarity provides creative opportunities to rethink old and emerging challenges in new ways.

    我们将我们的工作人员和学生重新通电,这样的可能性 - 提供变革都更多的知识和行动。我们将通过支持跨学科研究计划,团体和网络的基础上承认和卓越的新兴领域和宏伟的全球性挑战的形成和发展,做到这一点。

  • Integrity


  • Grant capture

    我们将支持我们的学者,以吸引和访问进行突破性的研究所需的资源。我们计划将开发我们的研究人员的能力,网络和机会,使他们在批捕捉的成功最大化 - 从小到大数额 - 以及支持他们的野心生产世界领先的询问。

  • International reputation

    We will increase the number and quality of international research collaborations, partnerships and co-authorships, joining forces with researchers around the world to work on the global challenges that we all face. We will build a greater international profile and reputation as one of the leading research universities in the world. Our researchers will be highly regarded for the quality and distinctiveness of their work and for its wider impact.

Engage for change

Connected, engaged, entrepreneurial, creative... And citizens of the world

We will be widely respected as an engaged university – interacting purposefully with people, organisations and communities at a local, regional, national and international level. We will do this so that we can bring benefits to society at large, the economy and to the many individuals who are part of our world. Our external engagement will enable greater public understanding of science, technology, medicine, health, society, the arts and humanities – challenging pre-conceptions and arming people with knowledge and ideas to inform their personal and collective choices. We will contribute to the democratic process, inspiring citizens to be active agents in their own communities. By doing this, we will learn and gain from our partners, just as much as they do from us.

  • Ethos


  • Community

    We will be seen as both listening and acting in the local and regional interest, working with public bodies, charities and civic society to find solutions to economic and social challenges. We will co-deliver projects on the ground in local communities – making a real difference to people’s daily lives and helping our partners to tackle big and small issues. We will be known as an anchor institution that convenes community dialogue and encourages social cohesion. We will develop our volunteering programme, with more students and staff making valuable contributions to local communities, initiatives and projects, and we will recognise and value these interactions as transformative for individuals and the community.

  • Alumni

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  • Cultural

    We will use the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, The Keep and our many assets to forge broader and deeper partnerships with local communities, creative and cultural industries. The collections at The Keep, including our Special Collections and Mass Observation Archive offer an unrivalled record of regional and national history and social culture. These assets will be used to ignite innovative, world-class teaching and learning across the disciplines, harnessing creative methodologies and emergent technologies to build on our pedagogical approach. They will enhance our research, attracting grants and prestige partnerships. Through the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, we will bring the world’s leading artists, thinkers and provocateurs to the University to show their work and embed them in campus life.

  • Business

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  • International

    We will create an international leadership programme that will recognise and reward students who participate in mobility and inter-cultural awareness activities. To enable this, we will develop a model that will allow more students to engage in having an international experience, whether at home or overseas. This will be embedded in our curriculum, as well as extending to opportunities with overseas partners – bringing our students together with students from across the globe. Additionally, we will develop programmes to enhance the international mobility opportunities for our staff, ensuring there are exciting and sustainable ways for colleagues to connect with partners and institutions throughout their academic and professional work. We will create new, innovative, global hubs where research, teaching, blended learning and executive education can be delivered and that strengthen our international reach and reputation.

Build on strengths

A people-powered transformation
For a kinder university

We will re-engineer our processes, structures and governance with a special focus on our core professional services of Human Resources, IT, Finance and Estates. Sussex will be known in the higher education sector for its agility, efficiency, effectiveness and care in enhancing and delivering our academic vision, strategies and priorities. We will have a confident and agile academic and administrative workforce, which understands its role in delivering the University’s priorities and value-for-money outcomes.

  • People powered

    Our staff and students will recognise the institution as one that values its people as 其最大的资产。我们将利用我们的人民做出了重大贡献。我们的员工将得到支持,以尽自己最大的教学和研究,我们的学生将被授权在他们的教育合作伙伴。卓越的教学和研究的贡献将平均回报。我们的专业服务人员会在他们的努力的支持,并会从机构内部以及整个行业的尊重。我们的校友将积极在大学的生活和工作从事,支持学生,是为大学大使,并使得对参与和共同利益自己独特的贡献。

  • Staff development


  • Equality and diversity


  • Digital infrastructure

    We will establish a powerful and robust digital infrastructure, supporting our students in their education and learning; academics with their teaching; researchers in their pursuit of new knowledge, engagement and impact; and our professional services in the delivery of our priorities. We will have a technological infrastructure in place that distinguishes us as a leading institution in digital transformation. We will partner with leading organisations to build a digital campus fit for the 21st century; pioneering the use of smart technologies and other leading-edge innovations; championing the use of automated, immersive and experiential techniques; using state-of-the-art energy provision to dramatically reduce our impact on the natural environment.

  • Pride in place

    We will capitalise more assertively on our location and place as a village-campus on the edge of Sussex’s stunning South Downs National Park, close to the sea and vibrancy of Brighton & Hove. Our pride in place, and our commitment to local engagement, will position the University as a unique space to learn, live, work, thrive and revive – a creative community built on enabling, empowering and caring values.

  • Estate

    A high-quality estate will attract students and staff to Sussex. We will complete the next phase of our Estate Plan, having built more than 2,000 new bedrooms for our students, new teaching and research facilities and a student services centre. In addition, we will have increased the number and quality of learning spaces both on and off the campus. We will focus on core facilities to support the student experience, especially around the activities housed in our heritage and residential estate. Sussex’s new estate strategy will clearly articulate the ten-year rolling programme of capital developments, as well as the ambition and challenge around the estate, enabling appropriate and timely developments and renovations to deliver our academic priorities. Our focus on delivering cost-effective core services, to a high standard and in an environmentally sustainable way, will be well known.

  • Reinvestment


  • Leadership

    We will embed a model of ‘The Sussex Leader’, which exemplifies the values and behaviours that are expected of all those in leadership roles at Sussex. This will foster and facilitate greater trust and devolution. Using this model, we will develop our leadership competencies at all levels, ensuring that staff understand their own style and can adapt them to deal with different situations in order to motivate and energise their teams. We will prepare staff for leadership roles early in their careers so they have the necessary depth and breadth of experience to take on roles with greater responsibility. Significant steps will be taken to achieve greater diversity among our leaders. Our leadership philosophy to embrace collaboration, trust and collegiality will be key to our future success.

  • Celebration

    As we develop our education, research and engagement activities, we will ensure that 我们庆祝,并利用这些成功 - 与我们的网络和广泛的利益相关者分享这些。好消息和一个成功的燃料正能量和进一步成果。我们将构建一个鼓舞人心的注入叙述和激励我们的社区和不同的群体,并灌输信任,开放和透明的值。我们订婚将是双向的 - 这是相当重要的谈话。

If ever there was a time for a great university to stand on the sidelines this isn't it.